The Best Guides for Creating High-Converting Landing Pages

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Landing pages are designed to help marketers and businesses increase their conversion rates and grow. It can be in the form of a homepage, or a standalone page created to promote a specific event, sale, campaign, or product. Designing a high converting landing page requires a few must-have elements: • A killer headline • Persuasive […]

How to Get Your Google Shopping Account Ready for the Holidays

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Want to make the most of the busiest time of the year? Then you need to apply these five Google Shopping best practices – and fast. Tick, tock. The number of days before Christmas is dwindling, and many consumers have already started their holiday shopping. Is your Google Shopping account ready? If you’re not sure, […]

Push Notifications: How to increase sales using them?

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As marketers, we love seeing our web traffic go higher in numbers. There are many strategies and tools used to drive traffic, however, push notifications are surging in popularity because you’re targeting customers directly without using intermediaries like banners or social media. What are Push Notifications? A push notification is a short message that appears […]

What do these seven spy tools tell you about your competition?

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When you think of spy tools, what comes to mind? Grappling hooks? Spandex suits? Those cool devices that cut circles in glass? If we were talking about a different kind of spy tools, all those things would make sense. Today, though, we’re talking about a different kind of spying – one that involves your competition. […]

The Ideal Social Media Content Strategy For Hotels

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All social media strategies are subjective, and hotels in particular tend to require unique content strategies altogether. Hotels need to convey their brand, location, rooms, food and beverage, events and more. In this blog, we will take a closer look at what key elements make up the perfect social strategy for hotels. Location A main […]

32 Small Business Ideas for Your Retail Store

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This is a post by Alexandra Sheehan. If you’re interested in retail, you’ve likely heard about the retail apocalypse. It seems that many are predicting the impending doom for brick-and-mortar retailers that will be overtaken by ecommerce. And while online shopping continues to grow in popularity, that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for physical retail. […]