Best Practices to Develop a B2B Social Media Strategy

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Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last two decades, you’ve probably heard a thing or two about social media platforms. Social media has transformed the way we communicate with friends and family and interact as a society. Social media platforms have also opened new avenues of advertising and marketing for businesses, both […]

150 Years of the Best Holiday Campaigns

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Did Coca-Cola create the modern day Santa Claus? Is Mr. Potato Head responsible for reshaping holiday TV advertising? How did a single advertising campaign raise over $40 million to fund children’s vaccines? It’s that time of year — the holiday season is approaching us, and fast! It’s the time for making your holiday email lists […]

How to write catchy headlines that grab attention

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Writing a strong subject line will get your email noticed and opened, but it won’t ensure that your important message is read. For that, you need an irresistible headline. Every headline is a hook that pulls readers deeper into your content and leads them straight to your call to action, so you’ll want to take the time to write the very best. […]

Social Media: Chasing Likes or Chasing Sales?

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by Erin Harris, Intimatology Social media has been receiving lots of negative press recently, regarding fake accounts, fake news, Cambridge Analytica and most recently a massive drop in Facebook’s valuation. Let’s discuss some key takeaways we have analyzed over the last few months: Marketing agencies have done a great job convincing brands they need to […]

Marketing Agencies Agree – Email Marketing is Great (And Improving!)

Posted Posted in Email Marketing SharpSpring contacted 130 marketing agencies to discuss the current state of email marketing. Using the information gathered, they created a report entitled, “Agencies Talk – State of Email Marketing.” The report covers a number of important topics including how agencies believe this type of marketing is doing, how different platforms are best evaluated, what […]

8 Tips for Writing Effective Re-Engagement Emails

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Let’s be honest. People lose touch. In fact, if you have an email newsletter, you’ve probably also got a list of subscribers who have gone dormant. These are the folks who are either ignoring your emails altogether, or they simply aren’t clicking through. According to Marketing Sherpa, you will lose around 22.5% of your list each […]