Wake Up, Sheeple: Luigi Is Still Dead

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I’m Nathan Grayson, host of Nint-Infowars, coming to you live from THE BOTTOM OF A HOLE from which I’m now forced to broadcast after having been banned from all social media and also the earth’s surface. During today’s Nintendo Direct, Nintendo showed us what APPEARED to be a living, breathing Luigi, even though THE… Read […]

Choose NoyanWeb for Your Digital Design and Branding Needs

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Your company’s digital branding assets play a key role in helping you achieve your goals. Without a top-notch website and logo, it’s nearly impossible to stand out from the crowd. And, if you don’t have a cohesive branding strategy, your message won’t reach the intended target. That’s why it’s critical to have a partner who […]

How to Take Your Brand Direct to Consumer

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Thinking of dipping your toes into the direct to consumer waters? You’re not alone. Merchants who sell everything from razors to pet food to mattresses to meal kits have seen the writing on the retail wall. In fact, according to IAB’s popular new study, The Rise of the 21st Century Brand Economy, the future of […]

Best Practices to Develop a B2B Social Media Strategy

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Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last two decades, you’ve probably heard a thing or two about social media platforms. Social media has transformed the way we communicate with friends and family and interact as a society. Social media platforms have also opened new avenues of advertising and marketing for businesses, both […]

The existential benefits of ginger ale

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On a curiously warm morning last February, the minister arrived at my childhood home to guide my father to the other side. When he approached the bedside where all of us were gathered around with the Eagles Pandora radio humming in the background, my dad emerged from a semi-conscious state and sat up as best […]

How to Write a Job Description That Attracts Awesome Applicants

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As a direct response copywriter, I specialize in making readers take a specific action. I write a variety of copy, including articles, landing pages, sales emails, and job advertisements. So, you can believe me when I show you how to write an eye-catching job description that attracts the brilliant people you want working for you. […]